Andar Bahar - Rules and How to Play Online

andar bahar online

Andar Bahar or Andar and Bahar is a form of Indian online gambling that originated from Bangalore in India. This is a game of pure luck where the dealer deals a card face up from the deck of 52. When the card is placed on the table, players bet on either of two piles; inside (Andar) or Bahar (Outside). The winning pile is where the matching card appears.

Nowadays, you can find Andar Bahar at classic Indian casinos as well as online casinos. Without any doubt, this is an exciting game to play and if you want to get started, you can keep reading this guide!

How to get started playing Andar Bahar online in India

If you want to get started with the Andar Bahar card game online, it is quite easy and straightforward. Before you do that, you need to know if you want to play Andar Bahar online in live Andar Bahar form or normal.

Once you have made your decision, the next phase is to find a suitable casino online that offers the best Andar Bahar for real money. You can do this by going through our list of recommended casinos that offer the best card game selection to Indian Players. After that, you can bet on Andar Bahar for free before you start playing the game for real money.

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What is Andar Bahar?

As we have already mentioned, Andar Bahar is an Indian card game that was claimed to originate in Bengaluru, Bangalore, which is located in the southern state of Karnataka.

The game is also referred to as Mangatha or Ullae Veliyae in Tamil, and it is a complete game of luck. Andar and Bahar loosely translates to the inside and outside respectively; however, it can simply be the piles on the left and right-hand side of the dealer in a live casino.

The game's goal is to find the winning pile, whether it is the outside pile - that is, Bahar - or the inside stack, Andar. In the game, once the dealer places a card facing upwards from the pack of cards, he or she then alternately deals cards to both piles. The round ends once one of the cards dealt matches the first card placed in the middle of the table.

Interestingly, the game comes in different versions that you can decide to start playing at any online casinos in India. They include Mangatha, Ullae Veliyae, and Katti, which also translate to inside and outside in Tamil.

Andar Bahar Rules

andar bahar rules

In this section, we will be discussing all you need to know about the game Andar Bahar. For a start, the game uses a standard 52-card deck like most card games that you will find at gambling sites and casinos. Here, the dealer is in charge of the bank and the dealing of cards. The bulk of the work is on the dealer and it is important to know that the players at the Andar Bahar table only have to place bets.

When you play the live Andar Bahar game, you can watch as the dealer shuffles the cards extensively, cuts them and deals one card facing up. For that game round, this is the card that players need to match, and it is referred to as the Joker or Trump card. Although, if you are familiar with different card games, this terminology can be confusing. As a result, it can also be referred to as House Card or Middle Card since the piles are usually placed on either side.

Once the middle card is dealt, players can begin to place bets on either pile Andar or Bahar that the dealer has created. If it is a private game at a casino or home, the minimum and maximum bets are agreed upon before the start. However, if it is at an open Andar Bahar table, the house determines min and max bets.

How to Play Andar Bahar online?

As we already mentioned in the how to get started section of this guide, you need first to pick an online casino if you want to play the game online. In this case, you can take the time to vet the various casinos in the online gambling industry to find the one that fits your taste.

However, if you are ready to play, spending time looking through the thousands of casinos online can be a bad use of your time and energy. If you do not take enough care, you may end up playing at a below standard or scam casino. In this case, you can end up losing money.

Since this is a popular game in India, you might not have to go too far, as we already have a list of common casinos where you can decide to experience this game. Each casino comes with unique offerings that might not fit your requirements, so we advise that you check all of them to understand what you will get when you join. Once you have selected the casino you want, you can then proceed to create an account. Below are easy step by step instructions that you can follow to create an account at any online casino.

How to Play Andar Bahar online - Step by Step

Follow these simple steps to get started playing Andar Bahar online:
  1. Pick your casino site
    Choose one of the recommended reliable betting sites listed in this article.
  2. Click Sign-Up
    Click on the sign-up button.
  3. Register an account
    Fill in your correct details into the forms presented.
  4. Verify by e-mail
    Verify the email address you provided.
  5. Confirm
    Confirm your account.
  6. Make a deposit and get started
    Fund your account and go to the games section to play Andar Bahar.

Once that is done, you need to log into the account you just created to deposit money. After that, you can start to place bets on the best Andar Bahar for real money games.

Interestingly, if you are lucky after you deposit, you will receive a welcome bonus that you can use to play the game. You can play at the live casino section or on the virtual table game section. Although, if you want to play the game for free, you do not need to go through this entire process. You can simply download the game on your phone or find a platform that allows you to play Andar Bahar for free without any form of commitment.

Important Andar Bahar Terms

Before you start to place bets on the game, there are a few terms that you need to keep in mind. That way, you will not have any issues with getting started. Some of these terms might seem familiar if you already have experience playing different card games. In that case, you can continue to play the game without checking this section. Otherwise, below are various areas of the game that you need to bear in mind.

Joker, Middle Card, House or Trump

This is the original card dealers place on the table and in most cases, the piles in the game are on either side of this card. The card determines whether you are going to win or not.


This is the inside pile of the stack. You can choose to place your bet on this pile and if the trump card is the same as one of the cards dealt on this pile, you win.


On the other side is Bahar, where you can also place the bet, and if the same cards are dealt, you win when you place your bets on this side.


This is the number of cards dealt before a matching card to the middle house card appears in the Andar Bahar play.

Andar Bahar Tips & Tricks - How to Master the Game

andar bahar tips and tricks

We understand that Andar Bahar can be a bit confusing, especially if you are just starting out. As a result, we want you to master the game first before you go on to play online Andar Bahar or at a land-based casino. This section will give you some tips and tricks that will help you understand how to play the game.

Learn the Basics and Rules of the Game

Before you can begin playing Andar Bahar, you should understand the rules and basics of the game. We have already talked extensively about the game and what the basic rules entail. In the game, the dealer does most of the work and all you do as a player is place bets and hope to win. The chances of winning are 50:50. So, you either win or you lose; there is no in-between.

Check for the Different Variations

Like many popular card games, there is a host of live Andar Bahar variations at different online casinos. Because of that, we advise that you take the time to learn how to play at least two of the available versions. You can give it a try by playing the games for free. Once you believe that you are ready, you can start to place bets.

Place Calculated Bets

Since this is a complete game of luck, you need to be careful how you place bets. You can take the time to observe the ratio of the winning card landing on the Andar or Bahar side.

For instance, if the Andar pile receives the first card, there is a 51.5% chance of winning when you bet on Andar. With that, you can place calculated bets to reduce the house edge. This can help you decide on which side of the pile to place a bet.

Keep the Table Limits in Mind

Another thing you should be familiar with is the table limits. If you are playing the live Andar Bahar card game, you can check the casino's instructions to find out more about the set table limits. With that in mind, you can be sure of the amount you can place in terms of minimum and maximum bets.

There is no doubt that you can become so immersed in the game that you lose focus when you play. So, you should pay attention to the limits set, especially if you are looking to place side bets during each game round.

Manage Your Budget

Finally, you need to manage your budget to not end up using up all your bankroll without getting anything in return. This can happen, since it is an exciting game that promises a good return. Therefore, you will have to set up a budget and you must stick to it.

For instance, you might want to increase your stake when you see that you are on a winning streak, and the game is not going your way, you should reduce your stake. Once you know that you have exhausted your budget, we advise that you stop playing the game!

Andar Bahar Betting Online

Once you have all the information you need to get started, you can continue to gamble on Andar Bahar online. To start betting on this game online, you need to map out what you want. Before you proceed, there are few questions that you need to answer.

These questions are to let you know what to look for when you want to get started. For instance, if you are looking for entertainment, you can decide to play the Andar Bahar game for free.

Andar Bahar Payouts

It is clear that the odds are slightly higher that the matching card will show up on the side where the dealer deals the first card. Because of that, the payouts reflect based on the given odds.

A winning bet on the part where the initial card was placed is paid out with the odds of 0.9 to 1, while a winning bet on the part where the dealer places the second card is paid out with the odds of 1 to 1; that is, evens. For a practical overview, since the colour of the middle card decides where the initial card is dealt:

  • If the middle card is black, a winning bet of 1000 rupees on the Andar pile pays 1900 rupees (your bet repaid plus 900 earnings), while a winning bet of the same amount on Bahar will pay 2000 rupees.
  • If the middle card is red, a winning bet of 1000 rupees on the Andar side pays 2000 rupees, while a winning bet of a similar amount on Bahar pays 1900.

Without a doubt, the possibility that the original matching card is going to appear on the same side as the initial card dealt is around 51.5%. With this, it is quite easy to know that the casino house edge on any bet on the side where the initial card is placed is around 2.15%, while the house advantage on any bet on the side where the second card the dealer puts down is around 3%.

Andar Bahar Live

andar bahar live

Just like a lot of card games at online casinos, you can play Andar Bahar live. So, if you want to get a real-life Andar Bahar experience, you should consider playing at a live casino. Once you do this, you will get to play at a real table with other actual players.

Although you will not get to see the other players, you can still interact with them using the chat feature available on the game. Aside from playing with real players, live casinos give you options in terms of camera view that is simple to navigate. With that, you can easily see the entire table. In addition to that, you can place side bets.

Play Andar Bahar for Free or Real Money

If you are looking to get started with playing Andar Bahar for free or real money, you need to take the time to find where you want to join to do so. To do this, you need to first check to see which online casino offers the game and is licensed in India.

One of the top choices that we will recommend for you is Casumo. This is an online casino that offers players a host of online casino games, including Andar Bahar. In addition to that, the casino accepts Indian players. To make it even better, the casino holds licenses from some of the top regulatory bodies, making it a good option for players to get started with the Andar Bahar game.

If you want to play for free and you enjoy playing on mobile, you can do this by downloading Andar Bahar on either your Android or iOS device. With that, you can enjoy the game without having to risk your real cash and you can even create a personal playing strategy for yourself. When you believe you are ready, you can try the Andar Bahar game out for real at Casumo Casino.

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Is Andar Bahar online legal in India?

Yes, you can play the game online in India. You can decide to play for free or for real money depending on your preference.

Can I play Andar Bahar for free?

Yes, you can play the game for free at a couple of online casinos. Additionally, you can play the game for free by downloading the Andar Bahar game on your mobile devices - but bear in mind that you cannot win real money when you're playing for free.

Can I win real money in this game?

Yes, you can win real money in this game when you start to play with real cash. To do this, go to an online casino, create an account, deposit, and start to place bets on Andar Bahar.

Where can I play the game?

You can now play the game at a number of online casinos and land-based casinos. You should check it out today.