Free Indian Horse Racing Tips

free indian horse racing tips
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Horse racing is quite a popular sport throughout India. There are a number of racing events within India, such as the Indian derby season that allows players to place horse racing bets. On top of that, most online bookies also offer international horse racing events too, enabling players to get access to a pretty comprehensive set of options to bet on.

At StarPick, we are aware that choosing which horses to bet on can be complicated. With that in mind, we're here to offer players free Indian horse racing tips across most of the races that are available at bookies. Keep reading to get access to the best horse race tips and make the most of this online betting platform.

Best Horse Racing Tips May 03 2022

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Best Horse Race Betting Site in India

There are a number of exciting online betting site bookies in India that have great Indian horse racing betting options. Not all of these sites are worth playing at, so here are some of the sites we consider to be better, with our top picks being LeoVegas and 10Cric:

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  • Focus on Indian sports
  • Great IPL news section
  • New promotions and offers
  • Boosted odds available
  • Strong virtual live casino
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  • Easy to navigate the betting site
  • Impressive Dafabet bonuses
  • Several payment methods
  • Efficient customer support
  • Provision of mobile apps
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How we choose the best horse racing site

With so many options to choose from, we make sure that all the sites undergo our strict and careful evaluation process. This means that we take a look at all the options available. As a starting point, we make sure that the site is fully licensed and legally allowed to let Indian players join up. We also take a look at the betting platform, ensuring that it's highly intuitive.

We also look at the Indian horse racing options provided, making sure there is a diverse selection of races. Finally, options for live streaming and the provision of additional free Indian horse racing tips are a must, coupled with exciting bonuses and free bet options.

India Race Tips with StarPick

free indian horse racing tips

At StarPick, we are here to help. We take a look at horse races from around the world, offering up a range of different bet options to our readers. We cover races from around the world and follow the relevant racing seasons in each country.

For instance, here in India, the prime betting month is December and this is a time where we focus on india race tips, providing specific Chennai racing tips, Mysore racing tips, and Bangalore horse race tips, to name but a few.

With all our informed Indian racing tips experts, players can make fully informed decisions regarding their bets. On top of this, we also give suggestions on the type of bets you can make for the different races as well as the odds that are available. As such, our betting tips help our visitors by making sure they are equipped with all the right information to get started.

Best Horse Race to bet on

Depending on the time of year, there are a number of different top horse racing events. In India, one of the main events is the Indian Derby. This is the penultimate race of the Indian horse racing calendar, taking place on the first Sunday in February.

This event is actually based on other prestigious horse races around the world, notably the Epsom Derby in England. The Indian Derby is prestigious due to holding the highest prize money for the winner, but making the right bet is a must for success.

Indian Derby Tips

For players looking to place a bet on the Indian Derby, it's important to remember that the best pointers are those grounded in statistics. This event is for four-year-old colts and fillies, leading to one of the most exhilarating races on the cards.

With so much action, we highly recommend betting on it, as anything can go when this race is on. Unlike many other races, this one is often not as clear-cut, resulting in an unexpected winner and, for punters lucky enough, some pretty impressive wins.

All Indian Derby Winners

There have been some truly impressive horses winning the Indian Derby over the last decade or so. Here are the previous winners back to 2010, who have all seen success at this prestigious event.

Horse Racing Advice and Predictions

At StarPick, we have an expert team who are ready to help by offering their advice on horse racing. As with any other sport, betting on horses, especially online, is not easy and requires a certain amount of skill in order to succeed. It also takes time, research, and dedication.

But we can help out to a point, thanks to our knowledgeable staff. At this point, it's also important to remember that as a new player, you're not likely to make money right away. Rather, betting on horses should be considered a hobby rather than a way to make money. In fact, this is the first, and most important, tip we can give!

Of course, there are players out there who like to do this research themselves rather than taking our word for it. And that's great! If you are one of those players, then we also offer different suggestions on how to choose odds, what types of bets to use to your advantage, and even how to expand the number of races you bet on so that you can increase your chances of a good payout.

Indian Horse Race Odds

Odds are the indicator of the likelihood or probability of a horse winning a race. However, odds will also reflect the amount of money a player is likely to get when their horses win. It shows the amount of profit players will get from placing such a bet.

For Indian horse racing, odds are usually shown as fractional odds such as 7/1 or 5/2. This will show the amount of profit players will make if that horse wins. The lower the fractional odds, the more likely it is that the horses will win - at least that is what the bookies think. So a horse priced at 3/1 is more likely to win a race than a horse at 20/1.

However, if the favourite at 3/1 were to win, for every INR 100 bet on the horse, the player would reap INR300. If the 20/1 horse were to win, then the rewards of an INR 100 bet would be INR 2000.

Odds will vary across betting sites too, so it's important to check out all the sites we group in our list to get the most competitive odds and the best chance at making a profit.

Today's Horse Race Tips in India

At StarPick, we regularly update our free Indian horse racing tips to help players get ahead. We take a look at the form of the horse, the jockey, the stable they come from and of course the track and distance of the race. Our experts are not infallible though, so it is important that players research Indian horse racing themselves too.

This section will also include race cards for the upcoming races. Here players will find all the information on the races the horse has previously run in, as well as comments on the other runners. We will include a final verdict for those horses and even a betting prediction for that race. We will include stars and colours for identifying the horses too.

Our free Indian horse racing tips will also include a section of stats and hints for the race. It's possible to access this via a mobile device as well as through the desktop platform. This means that players will be able to stay updated on their races no matter when and where they choose to access the site.

However, our team of experts takes the time to compile all the relevant information, saving players the time and effort it would take to check it themselves.

Upcoming Horse Race in India

With so many races on offer, we make sure that we're always up-to-date so that our bettors don't miss out. At StarPick, we always make sure to keep an eye out for that special horse and the hottest, most recent pointers for the hottest races thanks to our team of Indian horse racing tipsters. We also make sure that we cover events from all the main hotspots in the country, including Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Mysore and Hyderabad.

December to February is the prime time for players in India to watch their favourite horses go head to head. During this time there are daily races across a variety of different racecourses, so make sure to check back in with us to know the latest races and get the best Indian race tips in a timely fashion.

We offer everything from betting strategies and forecasts to analysis of each race, as these are all important factors to consider when placing a bet. Alongside these points, we also make sure to draw the player's attention to the jockey, the turf, the distance of the race and even the weather conditions, as all of these can be hugely important factors when determining which horse will win a race. Finally, we give players access to the best race odds too.

Horse Racing FAQ

How to win a Horse Race in India?

There are different systems horse race bettors use to get ahead. We provide the best Indian horse racing tips today so it's up to each player to find the India horse racing tips and strategies that suit them. Some systems work better for specific races too. It's also important that you take a look at the betting odds across a variety of sites as well as the statistics before you make your choice. While we can provide you with a lot and get you close, the final choice must be down to you.

How to bet on a Horse Race?

Betting on an Indian horse is very easy. All you need to do is find an online betting site you like, preferably one recommended by us, and sign up. Once you have signed up, there will be a variety of different Indian race options available. Good betting sites will also offer India racing tips too.

How to play a Horse Race in Bangalore?

For players looking for Bangalore race tips today, the main thing to do is to head to one of the counters run by the Bangalore Turf Club. Here it's possible to legally place bets on the Indian horse race taking place within the club. Other Bangalore horse racing tips include checking out Bangalore races online. The process is similar for players looking for Mysore horse racing tips and Hyderabad racing tips.

What are today's Horse Racing tips?

Each day we will put the latest racing tips India on our site so that Indian race punters can find them easily and make their betting decision. These tips will change on a daily basis. We will also include tips for various Indian races around the country, including our Bangalore horse race predictions.

What are the best free Indian Horse Racing tips?

There are very specific Indian horse racing tips that will depend on the race in question. However, there are some free tips we can offer here that include making, and sticking to, a bankroll, never betting more than you can afford and betting small to start with as you get used to the betting process.