Indian Sports Betting Promotions compared to the US market

BetMGM and Draftkings promotion

India, a nation with a deep-rooted history of games and sporting events, has seen a surge in the popularity of sports betting over the past few years. With a burgeoning middle class and widespread internet penetration, the country's betting landscape is experiencing transformative change. One of the driving forces behind this change is the aggressive marketing and promotional strategies adopted by sportsbooks.

In the Indian market, sportsbooks offer a plethora of promotions, tailored to attract its diverse demographic. From cricket, the nation's most beloved sport, to football, badminton, and even kabaddi, there's a promotion for everyone. These offers range from free initial bets to massive potential returns on small wagers, and they play a pivotal role in enticing new users to take the plunge into the world of sports betting.

Interestingly, the promotional tactics seen in India bear striking similarities to those observed in other global markets. One prime example is the U.S., where the sports betting scene is also undergoing rapid expansion. Let’s delve into the American market to explore two of its most popular promotions for new users: "BetMGM's Bet $10 Get $200" and "DraftKings Bet $5 Get $200". Both seem enticing, but what are the nuances of each, and how do they stack up against each other? Let's dive in.

Bet $10 Get $200 with BetMGM

This type of promotion offers a bonus regardless of the outcome of the initial bet. Here's the breakdown of BetMGM's Bet $10 Get $200 promotion:

  1. Registration: As with the previous offer, a new user needs to sign up.
  2. Initial Bet: The user places a qualifying bet of $10.
  3. Bonus: Regardless of whether the bet wins or loses, the user receives a bonus of $200.

This bonus might come in free bets, site credits, or other formats. It's crucial to read the terms and conditions, as there might be playthrough requirements before any winnings from the bonus can be withdrawn.


  • Higher Initial Bet for Experienced Gamblers: Some bettors might find a $10 wager more in line with their typical betting habits and may prefer this for familiarity.
  • Still Significant Bonus-to-Bet Ratio: The potential bonus is 20 times the initial bet.

Bet $5 Get $200 with DraftKings

This promotion offers a bonus regardless of the outcome of the initial bet. Here's the breakdown of DraftKings Bet $5 Get $200 promotion:

  1. Registration: A new user signs up with the sportsbook.
  2. Initial Bet: The user places a qualifying bet of $5.
  3. Bonus: Irrespective of the outcome of the bet—win or lose—the user is awarded a bonus of $200.

The bonus usually comes in forms like free bets, site credits, or other incentives. Such an offer essentially multiplies the initial commitment by a factor of 40 in bonus value.


  • Low Initial Commitment: Users only need to bet $5, which can be a more attractive proposition for those wary of depositing larger sums.
  • High Bonus-to-Bet Ratio: The potential bonus value is 40 times the initial bet.

Which Bet & Get promotion is Superior?

The preference between these two offers often boils down to personal choice and individual betting habits:

  • Beginners and Cautious Bettors: The "Bet $5 Get $200" might be more attractive for those who are new to betting or prefer a minimal financial commitment upfront.

  • Regular Bettors: Those accustomed to placing higher wagers might find the "Bet $10 Get $200" more in line with their usual betting routines, even though the bonus-to-bet ratio is halved compared to the first offer.

When selecting a promotional offer, it's crucial for bettors to go beyond the surface and understand the attached terms and conditions. Wagering requirements, validity periods for the bonus, and restrictions on withdrawals are just some factors to consider.

Ultimately, both promotions are designed to attract and offer added value to users. Choosing the right one depends on individual preferences and the comfort level with the initial bet amount. 

As mentioned in the preamble, sportsbook promotions in India has striking similarities to offers on the US market. The bet-to-bonus ratio in India may not be as good as the Bet & Get offers seen in the US, but they exist for the same reason - to offer new customers a simple way to place their first bet. 

Gian Chacko

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