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1XBET India is continuing their famous Barca Mania promotion, which has a total prize money of $50,000. This fund is further broken into 9 sets of $5555 i.e. prize fund for each of the 9 matches during the promo time period. You can win your share by betting on FC Barcelona matches at 1XBet India.

The 1XBet partnership with FC Barcelona began in 2019, when the Spanish Giants added 1XBet as a global partner for a period of 5 years. The betting firm had initially sponsored the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea as well. Ever since their partnership with FC Barcelona began, 1xBet has launched several promotions themed around the Catalan club, banking on their undisputed global popularity.

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The Barca Mania Promotion by 1XBET

Start Date: 

April 16th, 2021

End Date: 

May 23rd, 2021


A Prize fund of $5555 is equally distributed per match

Promo Code: 

Barca Mania

How to Claim: 

Minimum single bet of ₹149 on Barcelona Matches

The Barca Mania Promotion is extremely popular among football fans as Barcelona is arguably the most widely followed football club in the world, in no small part due to Lionel Messi and his global appeal.

Young fans are attracted to this promotion due to the High Definition photographs of top Barcelona players. Fans get a chance to win some lucrative monetary prizes while betting on and supporting their own club, which enhances the betting experience. 

The Barca Mania promo features the likes of Gerard Pique, Antoine Griezmann, Ter Stegen, Ousmane Dembele and Frankie De Jong on the cover. All of them are globally renowned footballers and their mass appeal has helped this promo become one of the most popular promos themed around a particular football club. 

How to Claim the Barca Mania Prize Fund ?

Just follow these simple steps to opt-in for the promotion:
  1. Click on the link below
    Register or log in on the 1xBet betting company website.
  2. Go to the Promotions page
    Agree to the Promotion terms by signing up to participate on the Promotion page (to do this, press "Take part").
  3. Bet on FC Barcelona matches
    Once you have signed up to participate on the Promotion page, you must place single bets that meet the promotion requirements. The requirements in this case are single bets placed on FC Barcelona matches in the Sports and Live sections with stakes of at least ₹149.
  4. Get a share of the prize pool
    For each match on which they have made a qualified bet, participants are given a portion of the prize pool.
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Barca Mania Promo Example

  • A player opts in for this bet by clicking on the “Take Part” button on the promotions page.

  • The player then proceeds to bet ₹500 on the next 3 Barcelona matches each.

  • Even if he loses all 3 bets, the per match prize fund of $5555 does not change, and that fund is then equaldistributed among all the customers who are eligible.

  • The player ends up being awarded lucrative promo codes which are equal in value to his substantial winnings. 

Terms And Conditions 

  • Customers must be 18 years old or older to participate in this promotion, have registered on the website, and have completed all necessary fields in their player profile.

  • Within three days of the winners being announced, promo codes will be credited to them.

  • Details about Promotion Participants, as well as any other personally identifiable information, can be used by the Organizer directly or shared with third parties.

  • Participants have to affirm that they have read and consent to these terms before participating in this Promotion.
Do I need to create a new account on 1xbet to obtain this promo ?

No, this particular promo is available for new and existing customers both.  

What is FC Barcelona ?

FC Barcelona are the world’s most popular football club, and they are also 1xbet’s global partners since 2019, hence the collaboration and the name of the promo. 

What is the prize fund per match ?

The total prize fund for the Barca Mania promotion is $50000. There are 9 matches that will be played during the time period mentioned in the promo. Hence, 50000 divided by 9 means the prize fund per match will be approximately $5555.  

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