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Cricket is a great sport to bet on. It provides an array of short-term and long-term bets. The bets provide an opportunity to try out bets that can last up to five days. Knowing the different betting terms can help one to know how to bet and the different odds to consider. Below is a list of all the betting terms that everyone should learn. They help everyone to understand the basics of cricket betting.

Popular Cricket Betting Terms

A tied match is a bet where one chooses which matches they think might end up in a tie. The bet is rare in most cricket matches because it only has a Yes or No outcome.

To win the toss is another betting term that enables someone to bet on who wins the toss. This bet only has two outcomes and most bookmakers will offer players with a 10/11 on both sides.

The winner is the most common betting term in cricket. Players will bet on the team they think will win the match. This type of bet has three outcomes, namely, Team A, Draw, and Team B. More so, some matches like 50 Overs, T20, and White Ball only have two outcomes: Team A or Team B.

A completed match is another betting term where the player chooses whether the match will have a conclusion or not. It’s a Yes or No bet where Yes indicates a team has won and No indicates a team has abandoned the match.

Player Betting Terms

Team A and Team B top bowler are two betting terms where the player has to bet on the team and player who they think will be the top bowler. Likewise, the dead heat rules might vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. Therefore, players have to check the rules on whether they win even when there are multiple bowlers.

Top score 50 is another betting term that requires one to bet on the player who they think will score 50 or more. Each main batter in cricket has his or her odds in the cricket betting market.

Top batsman/batswoman is a betting term that requires one to pick out the batter who will score most runs. In most cases, the bet is based on first innings only.

Team Betting Terms

Most run outs is a term where one has to indicate which team will have the most run outs. This bet has three possible outcomes namely Team A/Team B/Tie.

The first ball is another betting term that dictates which team will have the first ball, leg bye, a single, no ball, or even a wicket.

Teams to score most 4s and 6s is a term that represents a three-way bet. These are bets placed on the teams that will score the most 4s or 6s in their innings. The bets have three outcomes namely Team A/Team B/Tie.

Cricket Betting FAQ

What are cricket betting odds?

All the cricket betting odds indicate the likelihood of an outcome occurring. These odds are mostly in decimals depending on the implied probability formula.

Which cricket betting strategies are the best?

Researching is the best way of knowing which bets to make in cricket. Furthermore, conducting research helps one understand the likely conditions. One of the things to consider before placing a bet is checking upon the weather on the day of the match.

What to consider when choosing a cricket bookmaker?

The factors to consider when picking a cricket bookmaker will entail the odds, reputation, betting markets, live streaming service, and in-play betting. Assessing all these options will help one to know which bookmakers provide the best services.

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