IPL 2022: Royal Stag Seagram announces collaboration with Delhi Capitals

There are things that are different from the IPL event this season. There were many surprises, one of which was Royal Stag who decided to cooperate with one of the teams competing in the IPL this season, the Delhi Capitals. Royal Stag collaborated with the Capitals this season because of many reasons.

There are many interesting facts, one of which is that the team is led by Indian goalkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant. What's more, both the captain and the team are the perfect mix of enthusiasm, knowledge, a youthful team and their experience on the pitch. It's no wonder the team's passion, brilliance and expertise are in harmony with the philosophy promoted by Royal Stag.

Royal Stag Seagram

Royal Stag Seagram is a well-known brand of Pernod Ricard India and has been consistent since its launch. A brand aimed at young, confident, progressive and inspiring people that is the epitome of self-confidence. The brand inspires young Indians through its communications around the philosophy “This is Your Life. life is big"

Kartik Mohindra, CMO, Pernod Ricard India, said that the Delhi Capitals are a wonderful mix of international and Indian stars, and their cricket brand is a blend of natural talent and astute strategy. Mohindra said he was very pleased that Royal Stag could partner with the Capitals for the upcoming IPL season.

“IPL ensures that millions of people will watch IPL broadcasts during the season and watch their favourite team struggle. With young cricket star Rishabh Pant captaining the Delhi Capitals, we knew our brand would get the attention of the public," said Mohindra.

Cricket has always been the communications hub of the Royal Stag brand. By teaming up with the Capitals this 2022 IPL season, Royal Stag is poised to further strengthen its relationship with cricket lovers across the country and strengthen its loyalty to the game through continued engagement with fans throughout the season.

Profitable cooperation

This collaboration seems mutually beneficial as Delhi Capitals and Royal Stag are very happy to be working with each other. “We want to use the T20 platform to connect with our consumers using Delhi culture and Delhi capital team ethos,” said Mohindra.

Meanwhile, according to Dhiraj Malhotra, Executive Director, Delhi Capitals, their partnership with Royal Stag for the upcoming Indian Premier League season is sure to be one of the big highlights for them.

"Most importantly for us at Delhi Capitals it's important to be associated with a brand that values ​​sport and understands the passion that goes with it. I think Royal Stag represents all of that. I'm sure it will be a successful partnership for both of us, as we look forward to an amazing cricket season," said Malhotra.

The Capitals have been the team that has created some of the key moments in the IPL over the years. Silverware is still off the team but this unit under the leadership of determined and charismatic captain Pant will change that.

Royal Stag is committed to always supporting Delhi in this competition, from the kickoff of the team's first match on March 27, all the way to the final.

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