Is Mumbai Indians out of IPL 2022: How can MI qualify for IPL 2022?

The Mumbai Indians have not given their best effort in the game this season. Despite being the most successful Indian Premier League franchise, MI has yet to win the championship after suffering consecutive defeats in their fourth game by RCB.

IPL 2022 prospects

After having to withdraw from the IPL 2022 after four games earlier this season, this was a shocking result for many, notably fans and sports analysts. The team has yet to win a game, despite the fact that he has won the IPL nine times in fourteen seasons.

As of now, MI has lost four consecutive games. This team still doesn't appear to have gelled exactly after the grand auction, and Rohit Sharma is still seeking a winning eleven. The batting line-up was once again exposed, with Suryakumar Yadav playing a key role. Similarly, Jasprit Bumrah's bowling is very reliant on him. Rohit Sharma's plight was so dire that he could only name two foreigners in his starting lineup.

MI’s next match will be held at Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Pune and the team will play against Punjab Kings on Wednesday, 13th April. If MI wants to make the playoffs, they need to turn things around quickly.

Each team will compete in fourteen league games. In this situation, if MI were to finish the fourth position, they must win eight of the remaining ten games. Meanwhile, teams like KKR, with seven victories and fourteen points, have already qualified for the knockout stages. MI will have to fight with a minimum of seven victories to qualify for the playoffs, as the number of league games has increased to 74 this year from 60 last year.

Yadav's stunning performance

This season, Suryakumar Yadav put up his best effort. In his debut tournament, he was able to make a quickfire 52. He scored 82 runs off 40 balls against Sunrisers Hyderabad last season. This potential appears to have been realized in the most recent season.

In one stage, MI fought 79-6 and Yadav began to develop his strategic partnership with Unadkat. His team reached 151 runs after the change, and he scored 68 runs off 37 balls. With 23 strokes in the second half, he took Mohammad Siraj to the cleaners.

In the end, he was able to gain Unadkat's backing. This was demonstrated when Unadkat attempted to keep his wicket and allowed Suryakumar to score the majority of the points. Suryakumar's knock did not go unnoticed, as it drew the attention of a wide range of people.

Behind RCB's victory over MI

Anuj Rawat, a youthful player, was crucial in RCB's triumph over Mumbai Indians. On his first IPL appearance, he scored 50 points. Rawat was paired with skipper Faf du Plessis on 50 runs for his first wicket. On the second wicket, Plessis was paired with Virat Kohli for an 80-run partnership. Rawat was able to get six sixes effortlessly and rapidly in this situation. Kohli also came back with 48-run innings and 38 deliveries. With this exciting game, RCB was able to defeat Mumbai India by seven wickets.

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