Potential of Fantasy Sports in India


Before the introduction of fantasy games, people watched live sports from the comfort of their homes. Currently, sports enthusiasts in India have a new way to actively participate in gaming activities. 

Fantasy sports are becoming increasingly popular in the different states of India. While DFS cricket has a huge number of followers, other sports are gradually gaining popularity.

What Are Fantasy Sports?

Playing fantasy sports is making predictions using virtual teams with real athletes. Points can be awarded depending on in-game performances. Players convert statistics to rewards based on a point system. One example is “Dream 11,” which allows people to play fantasy games such as cricket.

Why are Fantasy Sports Popular?

In recent years, there has been an increase in players participating in fantasy sports in several Indian states. Although there are many underlying reasons for the spike in popularity, here are some of the key factors for the increase.

Availability of Mobile Phones

Currently, people in India have more access to mobile devices than ever before. Most of the adult population own mobile phones. It allows easy access to fantasy sports gaming while on the go.

Cricket Leagues

Cricket is one of the major sporting events in India with a huge fan base. When India introduced fantasy cricket, the responses were positive.

Youth Population

Fantasy sports are popular among Indian youth. Since young people spend a lot of time on mobile devices, fantasy sports provide a fun-filled way to interact.

Organizational Support

Commercial organizations, such as BCCI, have started to support fantasy sports. Other companies, including Jio and Paytm, have increased the growth percentage of the fantasy sports sector. 

The Legality of Fantasy Sports 

Some fantasy sports games are legal. They are classified according to whether they are a ‘game of chance’ or ‘a game of skill.’ Games of chance are gambling, which is illegal in some states. A game of skill, however, is legal throughout most of India.

Fantasy sports are a game of skill. You need judgment and discretion to draft a fantasy team. Also, you need to study the rules and regulations to increase your success rate. Keen follow-up of players helps increase in-game points. Fantasy sports are legal in most parts of India. 

Future Potential

Experts believe that fantasy sports are yet to reach their full potential in India. This may be due to the gradual implementation of ground rules. The framework for fantasy games is a work in progress despite a strong foundation. 

According to FIFS research, there will be an increase in the number of sports fans. At least 33% of people will get involved in fantasy sports by 2025.

Additionally, the improvement and availability of cheap mobile phones can only mean further increases in the coming years. Investors and players in India should brace themselves for upcoming opportunities.


Are fantasy sports legal in India?

According to Indian law, fantasy sports are legal throughout most of India. There are some exceptions including Odisha, Assam, and a few other states. Fantasy sports are still illegal in these states.

Which fantasy sport is popular in India?

Cricket is the most popular fantasy sport in India. It has an estimated growth of up to 50% each year. Cricket is popular on live television and in-person games. This increases the chance for growth in the cricket fantasy sports market.

Is there a potential for widespread fantasy sports in India?

With cricket being the most popular, it is no surprise there is a huge potential for fantasy sports in India. Also, football and basketball are increasing in popularity among Indian citizens. 

This increase will likely carry over to fantasy sports. The bottom line is there is significant potential for the rise of fantasy sports in India.

Gian Chacko

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