Virender Sehwag calls Virat Kohli 'chhamiya', creates backlash online

The action-packed play occurred on the third day of the rescheduled 5th Test between England and India. The match went back and forth like a pendulum, but India came out on top at the end of the day.

On the third day, Jonny Bairstow and Virat Kohli got into an angry argument. While the English team was having trouble, Kohli danced to celebrate a wicket, and Virender Sehwag was getting flak from fans for calling Kohli "chhamiya" on air. The incident video has been on social media for a long time, and many other fans have spoken out against Sehwag's comment.

According to Sportstime247, Kohli loves to talk to other players and get the crowd involved when he is on the field, and yesterday was no different. The right-handed batsman argued with Bairstow, scoring a century for his team.

Fans' reactions to the viral video on Twitter

Fans are upset with Sehwag for a comment he made when Sam Billings was out for an essential wicket in the 60th over of England's innings.

After team India's bowlers ripped through the English middle order, Billings tried to make partnerships with the last few batsmen, but Siraj was too good for him, and the ball took the inside edge and hit the stumps, bowling him.

Kohli shook his legs when the ninth wicket fell, and Virender Sehwag, a Hindi commentator, got in trouble with fans for calling him a "chhamiya."

Sehwag was in the commentator's box with Mohammed Kaif when he said the thing that made fans angry. As for the match, after the third day of play, Team India is in the lead.

People on Twitter also reacted to this popular video by criticising the former cricketer for his words. “Hindi commentary is woeful nowadays. Some are cring and some don’t have commentary language. Need more like jatin and gaurav kapoor,” wrote one user.

According to thenewzindia, Sehwag said, “Chhamiya is dancing there, hahaha…” The video quickly spread all over Twitter. People on Twitter were not happy with what Sehwag said. They asked for Sehwag to be taken out of the commentary. Many people also said that Sehwag, known as the ‘Sultan of Multan’ shouldn't be allowed to talk about cricket.

One of the fans on Twitter named @MahiRatIsGOAT tweeted and said, “@virendersehwag should be banned. First called Rohit Vadapav, then posted a had ads apology and now this. Commentators can’t get away with this shit. The country is listening. There need to be consequences.”

Also, there were a lot of fans who were disappointed about that, @Vicharofsandeep wrote, “Did I just heard it right ?? @virendersehwag saying to Virat Kohli – “छमिया नांच रही हैं” …. A commentator saying this to the modern day legend of Indian team ,This is not acceptable @BCCI …This is very poor kind of thing sehwag has done.”

Earlier, Sehwag had tweeted about Kohli and Bairstow during the third day of the match. In this tweet, he had tweeted, “Jonny Bairstow’s strike rate was 21 before Kohli sledging and 150 after sledging. Playing like Pujara, Kohli got Pant made by sledging.”

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