Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma exercise together prior to RCB vs CSK

Royal Challengers Bangalore batsman Virat Kohli appears to have set a new goal in terms of going to the gym with his wife, Anushka Sharma.

Video shows couple workouts

Kohli is a fitness fanatic, as is well known. On weekdays, he will spend at least 4 hours in the gym, and at match times, he will spend at least 1 hour. Kohli was joined by Anushka at a gym in Pune to perform his fitness training prior to Bangalore's match against the Chennai Super Kings.

The ex RCB’s captain appears to be lifting weights in a video posted to his Twitter and Instagram account, while Anushka appears to be exercising with him. "With my favourite @AnushkaSharma," Kohli captioned the video.

Kohli tries to offer his followers a quick glimpse of his efforts by posting a video of him practising and his wife doing shoulder exercises next to him. Kohli's wife, interestingly, reacted to Kohli's post by sending a heart and bicep emoji.

Kohli's goal to gain muscle bulk

Kohli, who is 33 years old, is one of the most senior players to resign as captain and concentrate on his career. He claims that playing the three formats for more than 30 years necessitates a very fit body. Kohli is concentrating on building muscle mass so that he and his game can be proud of it.

Shankar Basu, who was previously the Indian team's strength and conditioning coach, provided a more extensive explanation. He added that Kohli's weight training was tailored to his needs in order for him to achieve maximal strength.

"Because the T20 requires a lot of explosive movement, we're trying to build muscle mass." Kohli will also compete in the World Cup, which demands him to be in good physical shape." Basu stated.

According to Basu, the planned program cannot run in a static state and must be subjected to updates and adjustments on a regular basis. It has to do with the athlete's requirements and growth. The workouts are easy but constant, despite the fact that there aren't many of them.

Kohli's efforts gave him hope that he would be able to deliver the greatest results in the field. He couldn't lead the round in a game against the Gujarat Titans, despite hitting 58 runs. As a result, Kohli tried to establish himself as a batsman by participating in three formats.

However, Kohli has not had his best effort as a batsman thus far this season. Kohli, the IPL's all-time leading scorer, can only manage 186 runs in ten matches at an average of 20.67. The outcome appeared to be unsatisfactory for both him and his supporters, who had hoped for a spectacular performance.

The Royal Challengers Bangalore will go against the Chennai Super Kings in the 49th match of 2022 IPL. The match will be held at MCA Stadium, Pune.

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